Monday, July 12, 2010

My a nutshell!

I've been asked several times what my day is like, well here it is! It's busy but so wonderful! Here's just today. Of course, I didn't include all the little things I do, like stopping to fold laundry to soothe a cry, or clean up a little spit up, etc. I also was lucky and didn't have any huge spit ups or big blow out diapers today that required extra cleanup time or a bath, but if this happened, I would have to surrender the laundry or dishes to another time or day! There's not a whole lot of time for leeway! :) There's not really a good time to start my schedule since it's essentially on a 3 hour perpetual rotation, but I decided to start with the 7:00 feeding, since that would be a typical start to a day!

6:45 - put bottles in warmer and pump
7:05 - mix cereal and gas drops to warm bottles
7:10 - change Reese and Regan
7:20 - feed Reese and Regan
7:40 - change Ryann
7:45 - feed Ryann
8:00 - put everyone back in bed
8:00 - eat breakfast
8:10 - back to sleep
9:45 - put bottles in warmer and pump
10:05 - mix cereal and gas drops to warm bottles
10:10 - change Reese and Regan (wash down and change clothes)
10:25 - feed Reese and Regan
10:40 - change Ryann (wash down and change clothes)
10:45 - feed Ryann
11:00 - put load in laundry
11:10 - make family business phone calls (make dr appts, call insurance co, etc.)
11:40 - tummy time and play time with babies (Adam is home for lunch)
12:15 - put everyone back in bed
12:20 - switch load of laundry, fold laundry
12:30 - eat lunch
12:40 - get bottles ready (fortify all milk - enough for 5 feedings)
12:45 - warm bottles and pump
1:05 - mix cereal and gas drops into warm bottles
1:10 - change Reese and Regan
1:15 - feed Reese and Regan
1:25 - change Ryann
1:30 - feed Ryann
1:40 - unload dishwasher and hand wash all bottles from last 4 feedings
2:00 - tummy time and play time with babies (pretty much slept whole time!)
2:10 - fold laundry
2:20 - put everyone in bed
2:25 - put laundry away
2:30 - prepare bottles for next 4 feedings

2:45 - ME TIME! (ahhhh....lay on the couch, relax, sleep, blog, facebook, txt, email, whatever!)
3:45 - warm bottles and pump
4:00 - dinner is delivered ...Thank You Lord!
4:05 - mix cereal and gas drops into warm bottles
4:10 - change Reese and Regan
4:15 - feed Reese and Regan
4:20 - Adam comes home!!
4:30 - change Ryann
4:35 - Adam feeds Ryann
4:45 - eat dinner
5:15 - change girls into different outfits
5:45 - go on a stroll to Mamaw and Papaw's house
6:55 - warm bottles
7:00 - Adam changes Reese and Regan while I pump
7:30 - I feed Ryann while Adam goes to pharmacy
8:00 - put everyone to bed
8:05 - get ready for night (putting bibs and diaper clothes out, make sure all bottles are ready)
8:10 - fortify bottles
8:15 - wash bottles
8:20 - prepare bottles for 7 & 10AM feeding
8:30 - time to relax with hubby and watch some TV!!
9:00 - pump
9:30 - go to bed! :)
2:45 - put bottles in warmer and pump
3:05 - mix cereal and gas drops to warm bottles
3:10 - change Reese and Regan
3:20 - feed Reese and Regan
3:40 - change Ryann
3:45 - feed Ryann
4:00 - put everyone back in bed
6:45 - wake up and do it all over again! :)
So, there it is! There's my day!! It's glorious! It's busy! It's my hearts desires fulfilled. :)
(Oh...and you were right, you didn't see a shower scheduled into my day today. Yes, shamefully, I have to admit that I didn't fit this necessity into my day. I guess worse things have happened! Atleast I brushed my teeth and washed my face! Haha!)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Slow your growin' Reese Cup!!!

My baby is rolling over! Ok...ONE of my babies, that is! Reese decides to roll over out of the blue today! I'm very excited, but very sad too! They are growing way too quickly! I'm trying to savor every moment, but the moments themselves are too fast! My Dad and Kathy were here visiting, so I'm sure she was just showing off for Papaw and Mamaw! :)