Pretty Pink Packages...

...tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things! 

(Who can forget this classic song, "My Favorite Things," from the heart warming classic "The Sound of Music?"  I can still sing this song word for word!) 

Here's my favorite thing on the weekend! Okay, there's many things I love on the weekends, but these are my new best friends at the moment.  They can be found at nearly every convienent store, gas station, and grocery store.  You've probably seen them a million times while standing in line at the checkout and just passed them by.  They only cost about $2.50 but are considered priceless to me!  They are earplugs!  My husband is home, and tends to take the girls for the 7:00AM feeds, so I can stick these babies in and not worry about a thing!  Not just any brand will work.  You must have industrial grade and use properly for maximum results.  The downfall is that you cannot hear anything, and by "anything", I mean ANYTHING!  The best part is that you cannot hear anything!!! So, say goodnight to babies crying, birds chirping, tv blaring, dogs barking, thunderstorms and even tornado sirens cause this Momma is going to sleep! 

AO Safety Disposable Ear Plugs 4-Pairs 92050      $2.49

Here are some additional features of my new BFF's:
  • Made of soft foam that expands to fit virtually any size ear canal
  • Remains comfortable in the ear for extended periods of time
  • Excellent choice for most noisy environments  (My favorite "Feature" description!)
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 33dB

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