Friday, August 13, 2010

5 Signs of Teething -- wait...did I just say "Teething?"

I'm suprised to even type this, but I think my baby has begun teething! I know we are in the early stages, but all signs indicate we have officially entered into this phase, ready or not! Regan hasn't been herself since Monday. She doesn't eat well, is fussy after feeding and hasn't slept well. She has a small rash on her chin, although, I haven't noticed much drooling, she has been chewing on her fists a little more frequently, which could contribute to the rash. She wants to be held and consoled often, which is not like her either. She was the easy one, just feed her and she was happy! From what I read, these are all signs of teething! They are almost 4 months old so it's not out of the question, even though they were preemies. I'm just not ready for this! I want them to stay little ones for just a little longer...Please Lord!! :) Here's what the article on What to Expect says about this new phase of life I'm about to stumble into... (sigh)

5 Signs of Teething -- Baby Development Month by Month --


Cindy said...

Awww ...sweet Regan. It just has to be too early! I can see her beautiful little {smirky} smile just thinking of her. I think the book is wrong. Tooooooo early.

Jenny said...

Wow... already? I am not ready for that. Tami, your babies are just beautiful!!! You are such good mom to them! Love you!